Battle of the Books 2020

Welcome to the Battle of the Books 2020.

The Battle of the Books is a club at St. Bernadette of students in Grades 4-8 that enjoy reading.  We have a list of 162 book titles that we are encouraging students to read from.  We will meet approximately once a week to discuss the books we've read.  Closer to the early April, we will select up to 2 students from each of the  Grades 4-8 to represent our school in a book trivia competition against other schools at the Barrie Public Library.

All of the 162 book titles that are on the 2020 Battle of the Books list will soon be able to be accessed through each student's Google Classroom.  

If you do not have access to the 2020 Battle of the Books Club Google Classroom, please email Mr. Potje ( and you will be sent an invitation to join.

Once you've joined the Google Classroom, you can see the list of books, enter your name beside the books that you have read, and submit a short Book Talk for others to see and add to.

Our goal is to try to have all of the books on the list read by at least one student in our club by the end of April.

We have approximately 90 of the book titles in our Library here at St. Bernadette.  So students are encouraged to go the Barrie Public Library to sign out some of the titles that we do not have in our school library.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Chris Potje at the school by email at